Their words meant everything to me.

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Broken beads of water, hitting her umbrella left to merge into oceans of ice where one can only imagine what is held behind the clear glass reflecting the sullen atmosphere. Crouched down, she’d trace the depths of puddles that lie scattered on the frozen floor, abundant; and she’d sit, pondering what remain on the other […]

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A Regret

I regret wasting so much time losing myself to the thoughts of us back when things were carefree and easy. And I regret looking in through the window, waiting for you to let me in, so things could go back to they were. I regret questioning everything: wishing for the past, begging for a grasp […]

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When will this endless ladder end? because it feels as if I’ve been climbing for years. ©YOUNG POETS VIEW 2019

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And when everyone’s gone, I pull him close to me as his tail swerves in all directions; sinking into his fur, his silken hair skims my tender skin and I sigh, relieved from my mind’s worries and anxieties, as I fall into the clouds of his sanctuary of kindliness. And then, I’m running on clouds. […]

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I don’t know what I’m saying as the ink drips out of my mouth… papers flood my wooden desk while scribbles intertwine with one another, wasted ink, lost to unreachable heights; tears are now streaking my face hot from how sore the pen, clutched in my hands, is and the devil’s crouched on my shoulder […]

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