Their words meant everything to me.

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A Regret

I regret wasting so much time losing myself to the thoughts of us back when things were carefree and easy. And I regret looking in through the window, waiting for you to let me in, so things could go back to they were. I regret questioning everything: wishing for the past, begging for a grasp […]

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When will this endless ladder end? because it feels as if I’ve been climbing for years. ©YOUNG POETS VIEW 2019

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And when everyone’s gone, I pull him close to me as his tail swerves in all directions; sinking into his fur, his silken hair skims my tender skin and I sigh, relieved from my mind’s worries and anxieties, as I fall into the clouds of his sanctuary of kindliness. And then, I’m running on clouds. […]

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I don’t know what I’m saying as the ink drips out of my mouth… papers flood my wooden desk while scribbles intertwine with one another, wasted ink, lost to unreachable heights; tears are now streaking my face hot from how sore the pen, clutched in my hands, is and the devil’s crouched on my shoulder […]

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And when the stars dance in the night I fall into the sky wrapped up in the light, left pondering how something so small could matter so much. ©YOUNG POETS VIEW 2019

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