Stuck in the Mazes

I’m stuck. stuck and dizzy from the many mazes of my head created from complexes all made by me trapped by myself and my thoughts… crazy, isn’t it? in front of me are walls turning around are walls looking to my side are walls but above me, I see the sky and freedom. There, there […]

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Stuck Between Right and Wrong

I’m stuck. Stuck between two choices one right one wrong which way do I go I don’t know for one links to the mind and is pure logic and the other links to the heart a frenzied passion… so, I’m stuck. Stuck at the crossroads of right and wrong mind and soul Which do I […]

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Stuck Underwater

I’m stuck. Drowning, underwater as the current pushes me just another obstacle in his mighty existence I’m losing air as bubbles escape my breath but I don’t care. I don’t care I’m drowning. this was how it was supposed to be just me, alone in this enormous ocean hoping for some mercy hoping for some […]

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