His hands were pressed against the glass eyes hollow, empty a silence to the lips in the boisterous commotion of hallow’s eve — and a smile grim, plastered to his inky face; that held a ghostly white that shone in the dark of the night; illusive to the eye. And while the scent of sugar […]

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A cold breeze brushes past me; the fire flickers wavering, fighting the crisp wind. You would have thought it might have gave in to the ice of the night, but it burns with an inner strength illuminating the embroidery laced upon the molded clay. And within it all, I’m cozy But it’s not the fire […]

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River of Ink

What do you do When you don’t have the energy To pick up the pen? What do you do When it feels like You’re writing in air? Do you stare at the white Lost in the desert of forgotten thought Or do you chase after The river of ink, That might just quench your thirst.  […]

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And when the stars dance in the night I fall into the sky wrapped up in the light, left pondering how something so small could matter so much. ©YOUNG POETS VIEW 2019

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Like Her

I always wondered what it felt like to be the girl who everyone likes— never judged for being herself, nor never blamed for her mistakes; or to be the pretty girl, to have hair that flowed down effortlessly instead of a shabby nest of raven lying on top. And I always use to wonder why […]

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She was languid from the burden she carried weighted from the memories you gave her and she carried them farther than you expected; built a home out of them, only to wreck them out of the sheer pain. ©YOUNG POETS VIEW 2019

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